Dairatul Ma’arifil Osmania was established in 1888 A.D. by the joint effort of Maulana Anwarullah Khan Farooqui , Mulla Abdul Qayyum, and Nawwab Imadul Mulk  in the reign  of Nawwab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan he VI Nizam of Hyderabad . Later, Nawwab Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII of Hydeabad, extended his patronage and in the course of time the institution acquired global fame and recognition in the field of research and editing.

Dairatul Maarif is proud of its Editing & Research Department where the actual work of research is carried out by a team of renowned scholars.

The main objectives of the Institution is to procure, transcribe, collate, edit and publish rare Arabic manuscripts of prominent scholars belonging to the classical era of Islam and present them in a nice printed form for the use of scholars across the world.

The publications of Da’iratul Ma’arif Al Osmania cover a wide range of subjects that include Interpretation of the Holy Quran, Tradition, Principles of Tradition, History, Philosophy, Philology, Sufism, Metaphysics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dialectics, Dogma, Islamic Jurisprudence and Ecology. The institution has so far published more than two hundred and forty books preserving thereby the rich tradition of learning for posterity.

Some Prominent Publications: Nazm al-Durar, Mushkil al-Asar, Kanz al-Ummal, Al-Sunan al- Kubra, Kitab al-Asl, Al-Havi fi-Ttibb, Tanqih  al-Manazir, Kitab al-Futuh, Nuzhat al-Khawatir.

Dairatul Maarifil Osmania

Osmania University Campus
Hyderabad- 500007

Andhra Pradesh, India
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E-mail: info@dairatulmaarif.org