Ashfaque Husain

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Name : Ashfaque Husain Designation :Ministry of Education Date: 5/9/2012 Description: Though I was unable till today to visit the Daira and meet some of those scholars and workers who are carrying on its work at considerable personal sacrifice and without hope of the usual rewards. I have the honour to be associated with


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Name : MAULANA ABUL KALAM AZAD Designation :MINISTER OF EDUCATION,Government of India,New Delhi, India. Date: 5/9/2012 Description: Dear Sir, I take the liberty of appealing to your Excellency in order to draw your attention to the activities of Dairatul-Ma’arifil-Osmania. These activities are extremely important. Under the guidance of its highly competent director, Dr. M.


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Name : MOHAMMED ASAD Designation :Leopold Wein Date: 5/9/2012 Description: I have visited the Dairatul-Maarif several times, and have had an close glance at their labours. It is my considered opinion that an institution of this kind is unique not only in India, but perhaps also in the whole Islamic world. Its achievements are


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Name : S.GOVINDARAJULU Designation :Vice-chacellor,Tirupati Andhra State Date: 5/9/2012 Description: Every institution has its own character like individuals. I am very happy that “Dairatul Ma’arifil Osmania” which is celebrating its 70th Anniversary at the Osmania University, Hyderabad, has a distinct individuality among the other oriental institutions in our land. For its rich work in

Dr. Nizamuddin

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Name : Dr. Nizamuddin. Designation :Dwight D. Eisenhower Date: 5/9/2012 Description: My Dear Dr. Nizamuddin, Thank you very much for the work on astronomy which you so kindly presented to me on behalf of the Chancellor of Osmania University. Won’t you please convey to the Chancellor my deep gratitude for this gift. It is

Munim an-Namir and Shaikh Abdul-Al Al-Aqabavi.

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Name : Munim an-Namir and Shaikh Abdul-Al Al-Aqabavi. Designation :Member of the Egyptian Islamic Congregation. Date: 5/9/2012 Description: Of long, while we were in Egypt, we used to hear of the Dairatul Ma'arif-il-Osmania and the great services rendered by it to Islamic Culture by publishing rare classical books. We are fortunate that during our


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Name : DR. MUHAMMAD KAMIL HUSSEIN Designation :Dairatul-Maarif-il-Osmania, Hyderabad-Deccan Date: 5/9/2012 Description: Perhaps I am reaffirming a fact which most of us who have devoted their efforts to research in Islamic Studies have noticed collectively. It is really the service, which the Dairatul Ma'arif-il-Osmania University has rendered us by its true dedication to research

Dr. Syed Mohmud

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Name : Dr. Syed Mohmud Designation :Dairatul-Maarif, Osmania University, Hyderabad-Deccan Date: 5/9/2012 Description: I certainly knew the name of the Dairatul-Maarif but had no knowledge of the grand achievements of this institution. To-day I had the chance of seeing a bit of its work also. It is rather difficult to visualize the importance of


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Name : HUMAYUN KABIR Designation :Research, Govt, of India New Delhi Date: 5/9/2012 Description: I was very glad to visit the office of Dairatul Ma’arif and meet some of the scholars whose devoted labour has given the Daira its present position. In the face of many difficulties and in spite of the handicap of

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

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Name : Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Designation :Minster of Education ,Government of India Date: 5/9/2012 Description: ((I was not inconversant with the services, rendered by Daira but today I got the opportunity to observe its yeoman services. It is an unique institute of India witch has been engaged since six decades with the printing

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