Name From To
    Maulana Syed Zahoorul Haq 1926 1932
    Maulana Abdul Munim 1932 1936
    Maulana Syed Hashim Nadvi 1936 1944
    Maulana Mohammed Ilyas Barni 1944 1946
    Dr.Mohammed Nizamuddin 1946 1960
    Dr.Waliyuddin 1960 1961
    Dr.Mohammed Abdul Moid Khan 1961 1973
    Dr.Mohammed Abdul Wahhab Bukhari 1973 1975
    Justice Sharfuddin Ahmed 1975 1984
    Prof.Sayada Meherunnisa 1985 1988
    Dr.M.A. Ahmed 1988 1991
    Prof.Mohammed Suleman Siddiqui 1991 1994
    Prof.Ahmeddullah Khan 1995 1997
    Mr.Mohammed Abdul Raheem 1998 1999
    Prof. Mohammed Abdul Majeed Siddiqui 1999 2005
    Prof.Shahid Ali Abbasi 2005 2010
    Prof.Akbar Ali Khan 2010 2011
    Prof.Mohammed Mustafa shareef 2011 Till date
  • It has been an irony of fate of Daira that majority of its directors were either good administrators without any penchant of Arabic language in which all the multifarious works of Daira go on, or good Arabic Scholars but void of administrative tactics. Therefore the most coveted category of directors were those who were equally perfect in Arabic language and literature and administration. All praise be to Allah for that late Mohammed Abdul Moid Khan and Prof. Syeda Meherunnisa, Prof. Mohammed Abdul Majeed Siddiqui were such directors who excelled not only in Arabic Language and literature and kindred sciences but also in administrative know-how and strategy. The present Director and the Secretary  Prof. Mohammed Mustafa Shareef is a happy combination of the   above-mentioned qualities. For the time being, he is engaged with the yeoman services of Arabic cause as acting head of Arabic Dept. in Osmania University. It is worthy to note that he has just before three or four month completed his daunting task of head of Arabic Dept. His posting in Daira brought so many laurels to the crown of Daira. He not only redressed the long-standing grievances of employees and created their satisfactory solutions, but also pushed the wheel of Daira in a top gear on the track of productivity and a good sense of responsibility, prevailed both in general employees and in administrative cadre. They are confident that the present situation of Daira is quite understandably synonyms to a bright dawn after Daira had been hanging in financial debacle for a period of more or less two decades.