Daira, during its inception till this date,  i.e.a tenure of (126) years, has published and brought to the benefit of Historians, Researchers and Academic Circles all over the world, about (170) titles, running into approximately (800) volumes, because one title either will be univolumed or may stretch over (22) volumes as in the case of   Nazmud Durar or twenty four volumes as in the case of Al Hawi, which is considered the most voluminous title of our publications as its 21st and 22nd volumes have sub divisions.

These publications cover a galaxy of sciences as under:

Commentaries Of the Holy Qur’an
Tradition and Principles of Tradition
Canon law
Medieval Sciences: Optics, Cosmography, Water    Divination, Precious Stones, Weights, Education, Agriculture, Medicine  and other Subjects
Islamic Jurisprudence

All these significant works have been researched by indigenous experts. Some foreign experts such as Abdul Rahman Al-Muallimi, Salim Karanko, Atiya Surial and Dr. Farah Qaiser also participated in the research work of Daira.

The majority of Authors belong to Arabic and Iranian countries, but a good number of Authors are of Indian origin.The worthmentioning among them are:
* Shah Waliullah Al Dehlawi
* Ali Muttaqi Al Hindi
* Abdul Hai Al Lucknowi
* Mulla Hussain Iskendar
* Irtiza Ali Khan
* Abdul Ghani Ahmed Nagri
* Moinuddin Nadwi
* Mohammed Yar Jung
* Shihabuddin Daulatabadi
* Hashim  Nadwi

Some Important Publications

Under this caption, salient features of few of the publications, mentioned in the catalogue are highlighted:

S. No. of the catalogue.                                  Description of the book


“Nazmud-Durar” is a voluminous publication, edited by Maulana Mohammed Imran Azmi Oomeri, a Veteran Research Scholar of the Daira. In his research work, he relied upon the manuscript, obtained from “KHAZANAH AAMMAH,” a Library in Ribat, as the base, supported by three more manuscripts of the same book, preserved in “Al-Dhahiriyah” Library in Damascus and also from the Libraries of Egypt and Madina. The said publication was completed in (22) volumes. The commentary in this book centers around the Interrelation between the ‘Verses and Suras’ of the Holy Qur’an .


”Amalul-Yaumi wal-Lailah” by Ibnus Sunni deals with the daily life and practices of the Prophet (May Allah shower His peace and mercy on him)


Al-Qaulul-Musaddad fidh-Dhabbi AnilMusnad by Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani. This book, as it is appearent from the very name, wards off the objections, leveled against certain Naratives-Lines and texts of the Musnad of Imam Ahmed. 


Kanzul-Ummaal by Ali Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi. This voluminous publication was the starting-point of the research journey of Daira. The book was published in (8) volumes of big size in the early period of Daira, and subsequently it was re-edited and reprinted in (22) volumes of Medium size. The book is regarded as the encyclopedia of ‘Hadith’.


Mushkilul-Aathaar by Abu Jafar at Tahaawi was initially printed, based on an incomplete manuscript, in (4) volumes. Lateron, it was re-edited and re-printed from the complete manuscripts, brought from Istanbul and India, and thus the book has so far covered (10) volumes and further work is in process. The book deals with several controversial issues, pertaining to ‘Hadith’ and ‘Aathaar’.


Nuzhatul-Albaab fil Alqaab by Ibn Hajar Al- Asqalani. A book, hitherto unpublished, was not only edited on modern lines, but also so many titles that were found missing, were added. The book explains why a particular person was dubbed so. It has been explained further in footnotes. The book was edited by Abu Bakr Mohammed Al-Hashimi-a significent member of Editing Section of Daira and present Chief Editor. The work was based on the manuscript of Salar Jung Museum’s Library in Hyderabad.


Fathul Mutaal fi Sifatin Niaal by Ahmad Al-Mghribi. The book provides very interesting information about the shoes, used by the Prophet .
(May Allah shower His peace and mercy on him)


Al-Misbaahul Mudhi The book presents a comprehensive record of the correspondence, made by the Prophet (May Allah shower His peace and mercy on him) with the Kings of Arab and Non-Arab Countries towards propagation of Islam, and the amanuenses of the Prophet (May Allah shower His peace and mercy on him) . It was elaborately edited by Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin-the Previous Chief Editor of Daira


Al-Durarul-Kaaminah by Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani.This book contains the biographies of the prominent Scholars who lived during 8th century of Lunar Calendar. This book is regarded as a valuable asset for research-workers.


Nuzhatul-Khawaatir by Abdul Hayy al-Lucknawi. This work is a great source of knowledge and regarded as valuable treasures for the Scholars. It provides information about Scholars, Emperors and Dignitaries of the Indian sub-continent, right from the advent of Islam till the Author’s age. It gives the details of their academic works and their hallmarks. The book, which comes in (8) volumes, has to be referred in chronological order.


Al-Hind fil Ahdil Islami by Abdul Hayy al-Lucknawi .This book is just an introduction to the book, mentioned supra, of the same author, and comprises of the Geographical description of India, in addition to its classification of land, history, emperors, strata, seasonal harvests and cultural activities, etc.


Sharhaus Siyaril Kabir by Imam Mohammed As Sarakhsi.The book is from an old author, who touched a very crucial topic of “The relation of Muslim States with other States of different Nations”.The book was originally compiled by Imam Abu Hanifa, then was elucidated by Shamsul Ayimmah Al-Sarakhsi.


Kitabul Asl by Imam Mohd. Ash Shaibani a very significant book of Hanafi Juristic School. It was edited very meticulously by the great Scholar Maulana Abul Wafa Al-Afghani with the Indices. His arduous work may be assessed through its Foreword, written by himself covering (150) pages. (4) volumes have been published so far and further work is underway.


Kitabul Ilmaam by Mohd. b. Qasim Al-Nuwairy This book contains a detailed history of the crusades between Muslims and Christians in Alexandria. Further, it has got literary value and is a source for psychological material.  The book is really a ‘Magic Box’ where you find all that suits your taste. It was edited by Dr. A. Suryal Atiyaa disciple of the orientalist Dr. Eithin Comb, with the assistance of many scholars of Daira perticulary Mohammed Imran Azmi Oomri. This publication is based on the study of a good number of manuscripts.


Inbaaul Ghumr by Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani.This book is synonymous to the personal memoirs of the Author. It highlights the history of ‘Egypt’ and its Capital ‘Cairo’. The Author, who was holding the prestigious position of chief Justice of Egypt at that time, recorded all the important events, occurred there from time to time, since 773 H. till his death in 852 H. He also described the biographies of certain Scholars who expired during this period. The book is based on its manuscripts available with Sayeedia Library, Hyderabad and Libraries in Egypt and Paris. The manuscript of Sayeedia Library has the honour of having elucidative notes, written by Allamah sakhaawi, the famous disciple of the Author. The veteran Editor of Daira Shaikh Abdullah Al-Mudayhij Al-Hadhrami took great pains in editing this book with the assistance of the other books of the kindred subjects.


Kitabul-Futuh by Ibn Aatham Al-Kufi .This book is of extreme importance for the students with Islamic History as core subject. The book was very judiciously edited by Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin.


Dhyl Tarikh Baghdad by Ibnun Najjar.This is an extension of “Tarikh Baghdad” written by Khatib Baghdadi (d. 464 H.). The book was edited from an incomplete manuscript of Al-Dhahiriya Library in Damascus which is not even one tenth part of the original book. The other parts of the manuscript were not found in any Library throughout the world, as yet.


Al-Mustafaad by Ibnud Dimyati is an abridgement of the above book.


Dasturul Ulama by Abdun Nabi Ahmed Nagri .This book is a key to the scientific and academic terminologies. This book is on the pattern of common lexicons.


Al-Gharibayn by Al-Harawi .This book is compiled by the famous Philologist Abu Obaid Al-Harwi and elucidates, in explicit words, those abstruse and otensibly incomprehensible words which occasionally appear in the Holy ‘Qur’an’ and ‘Hadith’ collections. The veteran Editor of Daira Mohammed Imran Azami Oomre who worked on it and revised the text, removed the ambiguities, with the help of original references. This book runs in (6) volumes.


Suwarul-Kawaakib by Abdul Husayn Abdur Rahman as Sufi .This book ‘with the book at S.No. 133 of the catalogue’ is unique on Astronomy subject. It determines the locations of the stars and their distances. It depicts the interest of  Ancient Arabs with the cosmography, and shows how they    developed this science through their ruminations, analogies and Astrolab-experiments. The book, with no exaggeration, is worth to be kept in every library. It has an informative foreword in English by Dr. M. Nizamuddin, erstwhile Director of Daira.


Al-Ansaab by Al-Imam Abu SadAs Samaani .This book is a mammoth encyclopedia. It covers the affiliations of the great scholars to their native places, professions and hobbies, and to their ancestors and tribes etc. The eminent scholar Shiakh Abdur-Rahman Al-Mu’allimi edited this book upto 6th volume and added, in the footnotes, the affiliations missed by the author. After his demise, the research work on this book was carried on by research scholar of Daira Maulana Mohammed Abu Bakr Al-Hashimi, on the same lines.The book is in (13) volumes.


Al-Ikmaal by Al-Amir Ibn Maakula.This is another editing work by scholar Abdul-Rahman Al-Mu’allimi who could complete it upto 6th volume. On his demise, the work was carried on by Maulana Mohammed Abu Bakr Al-Hashimi just like “Al-Ansaab”. The book runs in (8) volumes.


Al-Jalis and Al-Anis by Muaafa Abul Faraj. This book described about (100) sittings of Scholars (Ulama) where several sorts of Arabic Literature were explained. The first volume covers (25) sittings and it was edited by Dr. Riyazur-Rahman Sherwani (Aligarh). He also prepared indices on various technical issues. The second volume of the book is under print.


Dhayl Al-Taqyid by Taqi Al-Fasi .This book is a supplement to another book, “Al-Taqyid” of Ibn Nuqta, mentioned in the catalogue at S. No. 40. The supplement book mentions the biographies of those traditionists who were left untackled by Ibn Nuqta, and also of those traditionists who were born after the demise of Ibn Nuqta as there is a gap of more than two centuries between the two authors. The book was critically edited by the veteran editor of Daira Mohammed Imran Azmi Oomri.


Al-Muqaffa Al-Kabir by Taqi Al-Maqrezi .This book deals with the biographies of Egyptain Scholars. Its editing work is being carried on by Doctor Mohammed Samiullah Khan, one of the bright researchers in Daira.


Al-Haawi fit Tibb by Mohd b. Zakariya Ar Razi Last but not the least, this book is not less than Medical Encyclopadia by any parameter. Therefore, it was dubbed as “Medical Evangel” throughout Europe in olden days. The book, for its copious Materia-Medica, was translated in several languages and was included in University curriculae. As far as its Arabic text is concerned, it was published for the first time by Dair. It is in (24) volumes. This is the most voluminous book among Daira Publicaions. Its editing work was based upon the manuscripts, obtained from Italian and Asian Libraries. Several editors contributed to its work in diffrent periods.

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