Dairatul Maarifil Osmania

Osmania University Campus Hyderabad- 500007
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Ph.No. +91-40-27098097




To investigate, collect and preserve such old and rare Manuscripts in Arts, Sciences and Religion in Classical Arabic as they are getting extinct or lost.

(2) To give preference to the publication of such works of   recognized authors up to the 4th century A.H.  (10th century A.D.) as they are acknowledged to be the original source of   reference on different subjects.

To publish critical editions of such texts of eminent authors   to the end of the 8th century A.H. ( 14th century A.D. ) as they have universal recognition in the field of arts sciences and religion.

(4) To issue the publications of the Diara at reasonable prices for the propagation of knowledge.


To present the publications of the Daira free of cost or to  give them on concessional rates to special scholars,    experts,  authors and teachers who are engaged in research, and to  recognized national institutions, universities and literary academies.