Name : Ashfaque Husain

Designation :Ministry of Education

Date: 5/9/2012


Though I was unable till today to visit the Daira and meet some of those scholars and workers who are carrying on its work at considerable personal sacrifice and without hope of the usual rewards. I have the honour to be associated with its managing body. This honour, some of it does not carry with it the privilege of any active contribution, I value greatly.

The services which the Daira has rendred to the cause of Oriental learning and scholarship is so well that no tribute which I can pay can add to its high reputation not only in India but all over the world where Oriental learning is known. I am confident that the Daira’s position in the world of Oriental Scholarship will now grow further in importance. Conditions have altered radically; if a certain patronage which supported the Daira in the past is no longer available there has also disappeared for the Daira the need for giving its work any other direction or bias than that of pure scholarship. And there can be little doubt that, in the new India, a new world of opportunities has opened for learning and scholarship particularly Oriental learning, and I am sure that there will be growing support not only from Govt. but also from the people, on whose support all national activity must ultimately depend.