Name : Dr. Syed Mohmud

Designation :Dairatul-Maarif, Osmania University, Hyderabad-Deccan

Date: 5/9/2012


I certainly knew the name of the Dairatul-Maarif but had no knowledge of the grand achievements of this institution. To-day I had the chance of seeing a bit of its work also. It is rather difficult to visualize the importance of its activities. Apart from the purely literary service that this institution has rendered to India, it has done greater service in the domain of politics also, and it is this: the service rendered by India through this institution by way of collecting the works of the Muslim Savants and preserving them for posterity has not even been done by the present Islamic world.

Our Minister for Education is a profound scholar and he by his timely help has enabled this institution to bring out 18 rare works collected from the different parts of the world after great research and published after carefully editing them and thereby preserved for good the literary achievements of the Arabs.

I am sure that Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Education Minister of the Govt. of India will enable this institution to render greater service by increasing its financial subsidy substantially.

Our Prime Minister is not only a Statesman but also a literati and historian of great caliber. I am sure that when he will come to know of the literary services of this Bureau, he will surely bestow his attention towards it. I am leaving Hyderabad, after seeing the achievements of this institution, deeply impressed. Even today there are several works of literary and scientific mature that are being carried on.