Designation :MINISTER OF EDUCATION,Government of India,New Delhi, India.

Date: 5/9/2012


Dear Sir,

I take the liberty of appealing to your Excellency in order to draw your attention to the activities of Dairatul-Ma’arifil-Osmania. These activities are extremely important. Under the guidance of its highly competent director, Dr. M. Nizamuddin, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Osmania University, the Dairatul-Ma’rif continues admirably the work begun 65 years ago under the auspices of the Osmania University in Hyderabad and of your own Government. During that relatively short period, this Academy has published 140 Arabic works of reference in 340 volumes.

It is now engaged in the publication of three standard works, the importance of which could not be exaggerated.

(1) The description of 48 constellations by Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sufi.

(2) The Qanun-I-Masudi of Al-Biruni.

(3) The medical encyclopaedia, Al-Hawi of Al-Razi.

Arabic scholars all over the world are eagerly waiting for the complete editions of these three masterpieces of medieval science, which honour the Eastern world today even as they in the Middle Ages.

I hope you will not consider my appeal indiscreet. I am speaking in the name of Arabic scholars, East and West, and thinking only of their needs and of the glory of India.

Yours respectfully,