Name : Munim an-Namir and Shaikh Abdul-Al Al-Aqabavi.

Designation :Member of the Egyptian Islamic Congregation.

Date: 5/9/2012


Of long, while we were in Egypt, we used to hear of the Dairatul Ma’arif-il-Osmania and the great services rendered by it to Islamic Culture by publishing rare classical books. We are fortunate that during our tour of Southern India, we have been able to visit this learned Institution. Its Director and its workers received us and acquainted us with the details of their activities-what they had done in the past and what they intend doing in future¬† and showed us the works they have already printed and are likely to print. Indeed the achievement of the Daira in the field of Islamic Culture is above all gratitude and beyond the estimation of connoisseurs. God alone bestows rewards and does beneficence to those who have devoted their lives and directed their efforts to such cause. There is no library or seat of Arabic learning in any part of the world that is not in need of the Arabic classical works on Islamic Culture published by this Bureau, and would not like to adorn itself.

And we earnestly pray to God the glorious, that He will strengthen the activities of this Institution in future so that its great mission is carried on perpetually. He alone is the Guide and the Supporter.

A Translated from Arabic Original